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Drought of the Soul

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Jan 282009

My soul is bone dry.
My brain is flaky.
My mouth has lost love for expression.
Will this emotional isolation ever end
Or will limbo remain my closest friend?

Your Always Child

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Jan 272009

Pumping my veins with toxic waste to bury the shame.
Still you cry.
Popping pink pills for a synthetic high.
Still you cry.
Selling my soul to ’til I find love.
Still you cry.
Scaring my skin ’til I bleed dry.
Still you cry.
I’m your always child.

January 22, 2009


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Jan 272009

Resting in your heart of love,
Arms holding my dreams close.
Love me when the darkness grabs my throat.
Thank God you love me,
When death calls.

January 20, 2009

Even Cracks Have a Destiny

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Jan 272009

Even cracks have a destiny.
Like this stone you are unique,
But have a complex mix
Of loyalty faithfulness and destiny
Even cracks have a destiny.

December 29, 2008

A crack can be our greatest asset.

Call you home

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Jan 272009

Darling my sweetheart holding you tight in this tide called life.
Planting a song in the core of your soul.
I will keep you awake so you don’t get pulled under by the rip
That wants to call you home.

October 11, 2008

For my darling

freaky notions

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Jan 272009

Freaky notions flood my brain
Lifeless butterflies floating on murky waters by.
A bullet leaving fragments lodged in my soul.
An endless black hole.
Freaky notions

June 16, 2008

long time between works

Siesta For the Brain

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Jan 272009

Rest my brain in the hammock in the midday sun.
Jump start the circuit on the fritz telling me my journey’s done,
Gnawing through the wires that say I can’t overcome.
The destiny dreamer in me have to become one.

May 16, 2008

God and the Destiny Dreamer becoming one.

Can’t always ask cow

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Jan 272009

like a rainbow hanging in the sky
can’t always ask the flock of birds flying by
questions like who when what why
can’t always ask cows in the field how they feel
because they can’t always answer with words
stillness is a form of growth
we don’t have to always look for who when what why
we can look at the flocks flying by
and let life remain a mystery

March 21, 2008

For Tim

I Will Build You Dreams

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Jan 272009

You and I will always remain the same
I will give you comfort in pouring rain
If your dreams crumble like sand castles in the sea’s swift tide
I will build your dreams from the ground to the sky
You and I will always remain the same

March 21, 2008

For a friend I love deeply

Strokes of Destiny

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Jan 272009

A pocket full of destiny and a splash of common sense
A stroke of creativity will always be your friend
Let your feet always lead you down passionate paths
Following your dreams to never ending success

March 1, 2008

Special thoughts for our friend Narmen