Jan 082010

Glory Glow

Sometimes I wish I could fast track it to heaven.

Glory released on an unsuspecting world.
Everything he touched while amongst us
Glistening in his glory glow –
The impossible his delight.
Did he leave his fingertip imprinted on your soul?
He left a key under the doormat
’cause  he’s left treasures only for you to find.
Unlocked mind.

Mags Alden, April 13, 2009

My Hero Doesn’t Wear Tights

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Jan 272009

My Hero Doesn’t Wear Tights.
Thank you for being my hero,
The one that I look up to.
You have destiny within your eyes.
Difficulty takes one day,
Impossible takes two,
But with destiny you will always fly.
I love you.

February 23, 2008

For my friend Darrell