Jan 162010

Collide Sensitively

When we collide it doesn’t have to make a mess.

You’re a gift from heaven above –
Your mission on Earth
To show me the true meaning of love.
I might push you away
And say I’m better on my own,
But in my heart
You have made your home.

God has allowed you to see
The tenderness in me,
So you can caress my skin sensitively.
Then ours souls will collide as one.

Mags Alden, 2009, April 18

Love Affair

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Jan 162010

Love Affair

Reminiscences of love.

The walls remind me of the melody you sung
The walls remind me of when our love affair begun
The walls remind me of skipping footsteps in the hall
The walls remind me of when another teardrop had to fall
The walls remind me of the melody you sung
The walls remind me of when our souls became one

Mags Alden March 30, 2009
Jan 092010


Soaking in his liquid love
Drenched from tip to toe.
Mending the scars
Embedded in my soul.
I can find my voice scream.

Mags Alden, April 5, 2009
Jan 082010

Glory Glow

Sometimes I wish I could fast track it to heaven.

Glory released on an unsuspecting world.
Everything he touched while amongst us
Glistening in his glory glow –
The impossible his delight.
Did he leave his fingertip imprinted on your soul?
He left a key under the doormat
’cause  he’s left treasures only for you to find.
Unlocked mind.

Mags Alden, April 13, 2009
Jan 052010

Psychedelic Moss

Only God’s Glory can get rid of my moss.

Waves of psychedelic glory
Slosh around my mossy ridden soul
Hoping that its presence
Leaves traces of glory glow.

Mags Alden, May 31, 2009
Mar 172009
you’re in my heart
my ashes blow into the wind
you drink from my soul
I’m whole, like a caged bird
you’re set free
so we can fly as one.

Jan 272009

I was kissed by an angel at the golden gate.
My soul was flooded with love peace and grace.
kissed by an angel I could finally see what I was made to be.
When kissed by an angel.

June 14, 2007

inspired by God